Using social media and my cat-like online presence

by dawnsmms13


When it comes to using Facebook, Social Media Today reports there are nine types of users. Anybody looking at my Facebook page will quickly determine that I am a very infrequent poster – I add updates just often enough to reassure my friends I’m still alive – which, it seems, makes me a “non-user” of the channel. Furthermore,  I tend to keep personal information to myself.  In fact my most recent Facebook post wasn’t about me: it was about one of my cats.


On the other hand, I do enjoy checking out friends’ pages and messaging them from time to time. As noted in The Atlantic, Facebook offers an easy way to see what others have been doing without the effort of making direct contact (for better or worse).



My professional use of social media has been limited to a presence on LinkedIn. For the last couple of months I’ve been building my profile, seeking connections and endorsements, and following some advertising groups. I expect to revise and expand my LinkedIn presence when I come up with a company name and positioning statement. But this is just a first step.



Eventually I want to use social media so that I can promote my own business and make strategic recommendations to clients. Last spring I began an exercise in teaching myself to create a website, use twitter, and develop a “nonpersonal” Facebook page.  I didn’t have a defined professional brand to promote, so I started to design a website and opened twitter accounts based on – you probably guessed  – my cats (Twitter handles: cat_freddie and Cat_HandsomeLeo, which now appear to be defunct). Freddie posted once but Leo never got around to sitting down at the keyboard. I realized I needed guidance, signed up to learn more at the U of D . . . and as a result I’m making progress, with an “about me” page, a personal twitter account, and a blog. I’m thinking about using my full name on these platforms to give prospective clients a window on my developing skills in these areas.



So as of today, that’s my self-portrait drawn in social media. A bit catlike: independent and private. But curious as a cat, too, and ready to adapt.